Terms and conditions

Rapid Mobile Repair is a trading name of Gadgetown UK Ltd company incorporated and registered in England & Wales with Company Number 09122679.


Sending Your Device to Us:

Once you have packaged your device and affixed the postage label we provided to you, please take your device to your nearest post office (do not drop off to the post/collection box). Once you take your device to the post office, you will then be issued with a receipt with the barcode, make sure you keep this as this is your proof of postage and the tracking number is on the same slip, without this you cannot track your parcel, so it’s important you keep this.


We accept all major credit or debit cards. Payments are processed securely using encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), details of the card are not stored in our systems.

Quality Checks:

We do have trained technicians that are only here to test every single device repaired by us prior to sending the device back. We run tests on pretty much everything to do with the functionalities of the device that we had repaired.

Possible delays & Repair Procedures:

We do try our best to ensure repairs are carried out as soon as we receive the device, hence we do stock all the parts required ready to be used on your repair. However, as a company and with experience we so get the odd ones that the repair does take longer than expected this depends on the nature of the fault, at any given point in time that a repair is taking longer than expected we would notify the customer giving them the reason and how long it would take approximately and full updates will be sent to the customer as the repair makes progress.

Regards to diagnostic repairs, the process can take longer than normal repairs as it would need to be looked into by our technicians and trace where exactly the fault lies. There is no guarantee that your device would be fixed with regards to diagnostics repairs, as at times a device can turn out to be beyond economic repairs, however out of 10 devices we do get chances of fixing 9 out of 10 devices.

Liquid damage, motherboard and Software related faults could take between 7 to 14 days.

All repair estimated times are only an estimate on expected repair completion and delivery, and does not become any obligation under any terms of this agreement. Supposed a device is sent to us and upon checking the device we find out there isn’t a problem with the device, it would be sent back to the customer without carrying repairs, we will refund the payment but will deduct £10 for handling and postage costs.


When your device is received we usually do some intensive checks, and at at times we do find more faults other than you booked the device in for. We will send you an email or ring you up to explain the fault found and request further payment to cover these costs, however it is entirely down to you to decide whether to fix the additional fault or not. Supposed you opted out not to go ahead with the repair in the case of additional faults detected, we will return the device without carrying out the repairs, again the handling charge of £10 will be deducted and the rest refunded to your card that was used to make the payment.

Water Proof Devices:

Some devices are sold and sealed by the manufacturer. When we repair a device we would most probably need to open the whole device, once we close it back we cannot guarantee the device will be 100% waterproof as to the manufacturer standard., we do to replace all linings, gaskets etc. and the device will be returned intact and sealed.

Barred / Blocked Devices:

We do Not Repair blocked phones, once we have received your device and find out it is networked blocked, Stolen & Phones that had been reported to an Insurer as lost or stolen we would send the device back to the customer and a refund will be issued, excluding postage costs, however if this was booked in under ‘diagnostics’ we would not refund the fee for checking the device.


When you choose the diagnostics repair option. You are paying for the postage costs and small labour fee for us to check your device and find faults. Once we have detected what’s wrong with your device we would contact you either via email or phone to advise you of what the fault is and costs related, once you agree we would take payment for the repairs and send your item out to you in a fully working condition.

Returns/ Warranty Repairs:

At Rapid Mobile Repair customer support is of great importance to our business, supposed we did a repair on your device and sent it back to you, and you found out your repaired device is not functioning as it should be, we would retry the repairs up to two times (as in you can return the device up to a maximum of two times back to us after the initial repair for us to redo it). If the device turns out to be ‘not fixable’ we would refund you fully excluding postage costs.

Rapid Mobile Repair Warranty:

At Rapid Mobile Repair, we do offer a 12-month warranty on repairs we have carried out, and 3 months warranty on battery replacements & this does not include water damaged repairs, it also does not include physical damage liquid damage and when the device had been opened whilst in your possession or by another technician. Supposed we received a warranty repair and found out the repair warranty had been voided you may incur further charges and we would get InTouch explaining the reason there is an additional charge. Please note software related repairs are not covered with our warranty.

The warranty only covers the original repair we had carried out on your device. An example is, supposed you book your IPhone 6 for charging port repair, then we repaired your charging port of your iPhone, if this same problem (i.e. charging port) re-occurs within the 12-month period you are covered under the warranty, however if the fault is something else such as a faulty battery etc., the cost of repairs will be charged.

Rapid Mobile Repairs Liability:

At any point during your repair booked with us, your device is damaged, or beyond economic repair due to our negligence, error, our liability is limited to replacing your device with a like to like device. We shall not be liable for any loss of data, as this is your responsibility that a full back up of your device before sending it to us for repairs.

When we receive a faulty device for repairs, the device needs to be opened in most cases to carry out repairs, our engineers do everything to reduce the risk of any damage to the device during this course, however any damage arises during the process of repairing your device we would offer a replacement device or repair the damage caused by us at our own cost, but we would not cover any other damage caused by a previous repair by a third party other than us. Touch ID and Finger print readers on devices like IPhone and Samsung are a sensitive feature, and in some rear cases like Screen replacements, home button replacements sometimes the Touch ID or finger print reader might not work again, in such a case we would not be responsible.

Customers Data & Device settings:

Customers are advised to do a full back up of all content on their devices, such as pictures, videos, emails, messages, contacts, purchased content and settings using their computer or iCloud, Samsung cloud etc. prior to sending the device to us. PIN or pattern locks to your device must be taken off before sending your device for repairs as we would need these to run our quality checks once the repair had been carried out. SIM cards, memory cards, cases our covers must also be taken off when sending the device to us for a repair, as we would not be liable for any of these. Regards to personal data stored on your device, we advise if possible to do a full back to your computer and factory reset your device, as these could be confidential to yourself, we would not be responsible or liable in relation to safeguarding these.

Cancellations Customer Support & Contacting Us

Supposed you wish to cancel a repair order with us, this needs to be done before sending your device to us for repair, you can contact us on 02085971918 or email us at sales@rapidmobilerepair.co.uk and we will cancel your order and issue a full refund. But if your device had been sent to us and the repair had been carried out we won’t be able to cancel the order at this stage as we would had already commenced works on it.

We do operate a no fix no fee service so at any time your device isn’t fixable or becomes beyond economic repairs we would return your device and issue a full refund excluding any postage costs incurred.